Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly {not necessarily in that order}

i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we are getting new floors downstairs and that it has spurred a couple of other changes as well. one thing we did in addition to the floors was update the bathroom. new vanity and toilet, and a whole wall of tile. plus, we repainted the front and back doors and the playroom. it has been a big deal. a really big deal for me. if you know me, you know i don't deal well with chaos. so, i've been about to crawl out of my skin, so ready to have everything put back together. and to be honest, we aren't done quite yet. but, we are close. very close. so here goes...
somebody liked hiding behind the toilets in lowes.

we were testing paint samples for the playroom. but, of course, we didn't go with any of those! haha

a little fancy lowes shopping. we get dressed up to diy. jk, it was after church!

i call this "Property Brothers {in-law}"

mac came over to help toby move the big furniture to the garage

nasty carpet all gone!

gianna hated the loud banging toby had to do when he was removing the tack strips, so we headed outside to have a snack and escape the noise.

my best little helper

we bought this little wiggle car for the kids because we knew that they would be bored with no toys, no tv and nowhere to sit. needless to say, it was a hit with EVERYONE.



my favorite part of this video is gianna saying "mommy, you ok?" hilarious. she knows that something is wrong with me...i'm a crazy lady.

so, this was what the house looked like for a few days before the floors got installed.

the floors are halfway in!

almost there! and sick of eating out, so we had a picnic on the floor in the kitchen.

we have a whole wall of mosaic glass tile in the bathroom, a new vanity that has {glorious} storage underneath and a dual flush toilet. let's all say it together now...fancy!

i know this is a dark picture...i promise i'll take better ones later...but we had the front door painted black inside. i love love love it!


our playroom is slowly getting put back together. we decided that we needed to get rid of LOTS of toys. i think the more toys they have, the less likely they are to play with them. they can't even find anything! so, we are having a yard sale in a couple of weeks and roman is going to give all his proceeds to the poor, he says. what a sweetie. we are waiting on some matching bins that we ordered to organize the shelves. i can't wait!!!

this hallway totally feels so much wider! i know that it is probably because the play kitchen is out of it and the chair isn't blocking the way to the back door, but even still, the floors make it seem so much wider. love it!

we didn't want to cover up too much of the new floors because we love them so much, so our rug isn't huge. but it IS cushy. WAY cushy.

i'll share nicer, prettier pictures once we have all our furniture back and we get the playroom all put back together, but for now, it is feeling a lot more like home. for a few weeks there, i thought i might have to live with concrete forever! haha


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