Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sn(ice)? Day

last week, the south was preparing for a very rare ice/snow storm. it was all over the news and they shut down schools ahead of time. laugh at us if you will, but we just aren't prepared for this type of weather. i'm from the "north" if you could call MD the north and we spent 3 years in the snow belt of OH, so i'm used to snow and ice. but, i hate to drive in it. otherwise, i love it. i really wanted my kids to wake up to the white stuff.
we all got our robes on and got cozy on the couch, ready for our snow day.
then, i shared with roman the tradition that the northern kids have of putting on their pajamas inside out and backwards in order to bring on the snow! (facebook teaches me a lot!) we never did this as kids, from what i can remember. and that's not much. haha
roman, quickly took his off and set to getting them on backwards and inside out.
he was so excited!
the kids were practicing with the only sled we have...a laundry basket! they just don't sell sleds down here...haha! and this is all we had in the morning. a coating of ice on the back patio.
and on the steps...slippery!
and this was it. womp womp. we didn't get as much as they called for and it mostly cleared up by noon.
i even tried to go to work around lunchtime, but they closed the bridge to the island because of some accidents and icy conditions, so i went back home and enjoyed my cuddle time with the kids.
oh well, maybe next year...

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