Thursday, February 20, 2014


here's a few randoms from the past couple of weeks.


i mean...just look at these handsome fellas. does it get much cuter than this?

the kids love standing on the top bleacher at the gym. it was roman's idea to pose like this.

roman's school had donuts with dad and muffins with mom a few weeks ago. here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Pope. she is due in April with her 2nd baby. i don't know how she deals with 26 kindergartners all day and then goes home to a toddler while pregnant. kudos to Mrs. Pope!

yes, gianna is stuffing a cheeseburger down her throat


we visited our friends {roman's girlfriend, Mady} at their new house site. it is really close to our house and i'm excited that when they get to move in, we will be able to ride there on our golf cart. here's the two lovebirds driving off into the sunset.


baseball is about to start, so it's time to practice!




while the boys were hitting the ball, gianna was all about the slide


and this picture cracks me up.

snowman window cling, but it's 60 degrees out.

and check out his teeth. his front tooth is so loose, it has moved over and the gap between the front two is closed and there is a gap next to them that looks like he already lost a tooth. he really wants it to fall out, but he won't wiggle it. it might take a while!



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