Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

we've been trying to get outside a little more in the evenings to get some air and a little exercise.  gianna loves her purple tricycle.  i think on this trip, she almost fell asleep once we started hitting the cracks on the sidewalk...bump bump, bump bump, bump bump.  

 like i mentioned before, we were waiting on a loose tooth to make it's way on out of roman's mouth, so we made this tooth pillow to hold the tooth safely until the tooth fairy arrived.  this little fella turned out a little creepier than i had imagined in my head.  not sure if it's the googly eyes, or the eyebrows or the teeth or a combination of all of it, but he's not the friendliest looking thing.  oh well, at least it will be dark when the tooth fairy comes!
 can you just see the orneriness through the camera?
 how about now?  i feel like she is a bull about ready to charge. 
 okay, how about now?  this was the same day that her gram came home from school saying that she had a meltdown at lunchtime.  i just have to laugh.  

both kiddos got to wear some green to school on friday.  i love this little series of events.  she's like "oh hi big brother, you are SO tall.  oh wait, i need a hug.  okay, i'm ready now!"
 i'm not a big fan of driving a minivan, but this is what i see in my rear view and it makes me so glad i have a grocery getter.

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