Sunday, March 31, 2013

Awaiting the Bunny

roman has really been excited for Easter.  attending a Catholic school has really made him very aware of the true reason for the holiday.  i love that.  

we finally had time to dye eggs on saturday afternoon.
 mr. concentration
 oh yeah!
 wow!  the bunny came and left some awesome goodies!

 look momma, the bunny brought me some fun stuff
 too busy looking at his loot to even look at the camera

i literally thank God every night for these children.  they are not only beautiful, but they have pure kindness and joy in their hearts and for that, i am so grateful.  

 time for the egg's on!
 do i play with this or put it in my basket?
 ooooh, i found one!
 look guys!  i found another one!
 racing to get them from the couch
 she sees them in her chair
 and practically dives to get them 
 he's so sweet.  he pointed this one out to gianna. 
 and he lets her get the easy ones

 some of the eggs had yummy chocolate candies inside.  
 finally, mimi, popo and aunt maddy arrived.  we had a great meal and lots of laughs and good times.  we are so happy to have them here to visit.  

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