Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tubes & Teeth

after too many trips to the pediatrician, er and even our obligatory a.i. dupont visits when we go to delaware to visit, we finally got a referral to an ENT.  our sweet babaloo has had more than her fair share of ear infections, fevers, antibiotics and lost sleep.  i haven't ever really been super excited about the possibility of her getting tubes in her ears, but have heard nothing bad, only good.  on friday, the ENT did determine that she would need tubes and it was scheduled for today.  i was happy that there wasn't a lot of time to wait, since i probably would have gotten more and more nervous about it.  i didn't sleep much at all last night thinking about the fact that she would be completely under anesthesia.  up at 5am, at the surgery center at 6:30, she did really well.  she was curious about what was happening but she didn't get upset until she was taken away, without momma.  i was happy it was only for about 10 minutes because i was nervous and anxious.  the doctor came and got me and told me it went well.  he did notice that she had ruptured her left eardrum at some point, so that probably didn't feel very good.  (i hate that she can't tell me what hurts) she came out of the anesthesia very well and was hungry and thirsty.  we went home and she was a little wobbly, but happy.  she took a very long nap and seems like she feels good.  i feel like we made the right decision.  i hope that this helps her and she doesn't have to suffer through all those infections any more.  

sweet babaloo waiting her turn
she seems back to normal, huh?

after she woke up from her nap, we went and got roman so that he could go to the dentist.  he did great!  no cavities and he even has a tooth coming in on the bottom front, right behind his baby tooth.  it is pushing his baby tooth out, so that is very loose.  i just checked his teeth a couple weeks ago, so i was surprised that it had happened that fast.  the dentist said it really happens very quickly.  so, we'll probably be getting a visit from the tooth fairy very soon!

then, we decided to have dinner at chickfila so that momma didn't have to cook.  i loved having a little date with my little ladybug and mr. handsome.  they were so sweet and we had a great time.  (and i didn't have to cook or clean up!)

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