Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in Review

our week was not very eventful, yet i felt like it dragged on and on and i was really ready for the weekend by the time it rolled around.  i struggled this week with a lot of emotions.  i was feeling self pity and then caught myself getting angry that i was feeling that way since so many others have it way worse than i do.  in fact, my cousin, krista, asked me to pray for the family of one of her co-workers as they are dealing with a very sick child.  who am i to complain about my little problems?  but then again, they are my problems and i do have to deal with them.  i've been doing a lot of praying this week about how to handle these things.  i pray to God and thank him for all of my blessings because even though there may be speedbumps in my way, i am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from them.  i also pray (and i ask you to as well) for krista's co-worker and his family, for peace for them and their son.  

this picture was from sunday night.  i mean, seriously?  could she be any happier?
i got a call on monday from daycare that gianna was running a low temp and had been crying a lot.  they thought she might have an ear infection.  i was pretty sure that she was just teething.  after talking to a nurse at the pediatrician's office, she was confident that gianna did not need to be seen in the office right away and we scheduled an appointment for the morning.  i fully expected to take her in, have the "teething" diagnosis confirmed and take her to daycare.  unfortunately, she ended up leaving with a diagnosis of a minor ear infection and the beginning of pinkeye, so there was no going to daycare for her!  luckily, we got to go home and snuggle.
she was hungry and i didn't feed her, so she just started to eat her toes.

even though it was 70 degrees, we popped on a hat that covered her ears, you know, so i didn't feel like a total failure as a mother.
roman loves to have himself introduced every time he plays sports now.  i have a feeling he is destined for stardom...

on friday night we went to check out some trucks...just check them out.  and we left with this candy apple red truck!  right off the showroom floor!  it was a really good deal and toby's been wanting a truck for a while now.  needless to say, i hope we keep this one for a long time.  it has a ton of room (way more than his BMW) and roman LOVES it!

they look good in it don't they?
roman took his tournament medals to taekwondo on saturday and his instructor was impressed!  roman loved all the attention that he got from mr. moore!
see?  what do i have to complain about?
oh wow.  i love this little smiley face

roman loves to give gianna hugs and she is starting to give them back now too.  her kisses are a little messier than her hugs, but we love getting those too!

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