Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey, Good Lookin'

so, roman has been getting his hair cut at a barber shop with toby for a while now. i haven't complained because i haven't had to do it. one thing off my plate. whew. but, since i was off with him on wednesday, that was our only chance to get it cut before Easter. when toby told me how much they pay (anything is too much in my book when i am more than qualified to do it at home for free!) i was shocked, but still didn't want to break out my own scissors and clippers! i am actually glad i didn't because, look at how cute he is. i mean, really. i love this picture.

and then there's little miss good morning. i can't really say that she has ever had a "bad" morning. she wakes up smiling, every. single. day.

God reminds me every day of how blessed i really am.

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