Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 months

hey baby girl, you are 5 months old today! here are some of the things you've been doing lately:

- you weigh 14 lbs

- you tried rice cereal and as long as you aren't tired when momma is feeding it to you, you love it! you have gotten the hang of opening up when you see the spoon coming and you are keeping most of it in your mouth.

- your teachers at daycare say that you roll over from your back to belly, but i'm not sure i believe them because you just won't do it at home for momma or poppa.

- there are times when you get a little fussy (not much), but you just stuff anything in your mouth...hands, feet, shirt, bib, teether, binky, dolly...whatever. so, we think you might be showing us some pearly whites soon.

- you can't quite sit up on your own yet, but you definitely are trying. gotta work on your core a little more.

- you are a happy little girl. you get excited when you see or hear momma, poppa or roman, and sometimes you let out a little squeal. so cute.

- you love getting a bath. you can be as tired as can be, or hungry too, but if momma puts you in the bathtub, you immediately stop crying. you love having the warm water pouring over your belly.

and just for comparison's sake...a little trip down memory lane. wait....can it be considered memory lane when it is only 5 months? maybe it's not a lane yet, maybe just a driveway. let's take a trip down memory driveway.

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coach22ball said...

Great stuff daughter-in-law!