Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Can't Believe It!

this morning, roman woke up to a bunch of balloons in his room. he didn't quite know what to think about that, but he caught on real quick that today is his special day! he kept saying "i can't believe it's my birthday" over and over again. such a happy little thing. i love that joy. isn't it sad that on my birthday, all i want to do is sleep in and on his birthday, i too excited to sleep!

a blurry pic, but a happy bday boy

he got to open 1 gift this morning...and he picked well! it was Leo, the teenage mutant ninja turtle he's been wanting! at school, he got his special birthday hat to wear all day
and, it couldn't have been more perfect, all his best buds were sitting at the breakfast table waiting for him...gaston, mady and chase!
we're going to celebrate later tonight too, with pizza, cake and ice cream, so stay tuned for more pics!

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