Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

so, i was hoping for a little leftover rain from Irene to at least last through saturday so i could be lazy and have an excuse for it, but alas...we only got rain on friday. saturday and sunday couldn't have been sunnier. i guess i needed to get out and get some stuff done anyway. so, i spent most of the weekend worrying about my family and friends up north who looked like they were directly in the path of Irene. luckily, so far i've heard that everyone is safe and damage is minimal.

we kept ourselves busy and were able to get chores done too!

saturday morning we went to tae kwon do again. roman had so much fun last weekend and we practiced during the week, so he was really excited to go again this week.

here he is standing straight and tall, paying attention

a lot of time, they will ask them to "take a knee" while they are talking to them, so he was doing what he was told. many times, they ask questions and he always answered with a loud, "yessir"

they started with an obstacle course and here he is doing the army crawl

next up was jumping in the rings

he said jumping rope was his favorite thing

this is him jumping rope (they actually only had two handles that weren't connected) and then moving on to the blocking station (he might need a little work on that)

here he is knocking the instructor's arm off of his shoulder

and then he added a really loud "hi-yah" to it

he was really good at taking a knee and paying attention

they worked on what to do if a stranger grabs you...he was supposed to be yelling "stranger" and kicking, but he didn't quite get the yelling part down

this time, he did say "stranger", but we've got to work on the volume part...

this morning we went to lawton stables to ride the pony and feed the big horses apples and carrots. i left my camera at home...booo!

this afternoon, we had a special snack of popcorn (which he totally loved). he had it once at the movie theatre with uncle josh and aunt colleen and it is a special treat!

we had a great weekend and i for one am not looking forward to going to work this week. i love my job, but my weekends seem way too short lately!

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