Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Keeper

you know, i really try to keep the artwork that roman does at school most of the time, but some items, sad to say, don't make the cut. but today, roman and his teacher were super excited to show me what he made. i have to say, my heart swelled up a little...

the proud artist

if you can't see, i'll give you the tour...

in the middle, momma (big hair, big belly)

of course, his baby in my belly

poppa, roman and duke were all there too.

i know other people will think this is just scribble, but i seriously love it. with. all. my. heart.
it's a keeper.


Autumn said...

This is SO MUCH MORE than scribble!! Anyone with kids knows how precious these things are and little Roman is such a sweetie - and obviously SUPER excited about his new little sibling! This is so sweet, brought tears to my eyes! You are a lucky woman!!

Krista said...

I agree with Autumn. Brought tears to my eyes as well. Absolutely adorable kid you've got there Stace. I think he is going to make an amazing big brother!