Friday, September 16, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

we went to disney! mimi, popo, aunt maddy, shannon, mark, tyler, caitlyn, aunt hettie, macee and rylee all went too! i am so grateful to shannon for booking and planning our vacation. it really took the worry and stress out, which was really nice. we had a great time! the weather was cooperative and we had a wonderful place to stay and were able to get around all the parks and back to our hotel either by monorail or bus with no problems!

it took me forever to be able to upload this many pictures, and i'm sorry there's so many, but this is only a fraction...can you believe that? as you can see, roman had a great time. he was kind of scared of the characters at first, but as the week wore on, he definitely warmed up. there were definitely some times when he felt "off" due to lack of routine, but in all, i am very proud of him. we tried to get a nap in every day (for both of us) and really only skipped one day of nap because he slept in that morning. we always got to bed late, but he was always out within minutes.

we made lots of memories and are already hoping to go back soon!

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