Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling All Colellas

we had us a little par-tay on saturday. everyone in attendance shares the same last name....COLELLA...well, except for the Tamminens, but heather used to be a colella, so we made an exception...ha ha! we were celebrating a few birthdays (christina 2/15, mac & rylee 2/19, me 2/20, and mike 3/8) and the fact that aj, holly and chase moved back to hilton head!

here's little man chase!

ro, taking a hard swing at the ball. considering he's at the tail end of his swing and the ball is still there, i'm gonna say that maybe that was a strike... reese and uncle pops ready to catch the fly ballthe tamminens' newest addition to the GUS! :) we sang a belated happy birthday to rylee goofy girl i think reese was caught a little off guard here, but she was ready for her cake, dangit! is this the scariest looking buzz lightyear you've ever seen?successful family fun day.

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coach22ball said...

I don't know what happened while I was looking at these, but it was like someone was cutting onions or something. I don't know.
Thanks again.
The old guy