Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting Early

we've been talking about when we should start roman in sports. i guess you can never start too early, huh?

when aj said they were signing chase up for soccer, toby quickly signed up roman too. this was going to be fun! two little colellas running around chasing a ball, kicking each other in the shins. how else would you want to spend saturday mornings?

turns out roman is pretty good.

the boys patiently waiting their turn. well, maybe patiently is not the right word.

roman is concentrating really hard on kicking the ball tongue hanging out the whole time!

cool new jersey cutest little soccer playersstay tuned for next saturday!


coach22ball said...

Thanks once again for giving me the chance to see the little devil in action. Beware: Toby is most likely very jealous that Roman is already athletically ahead of him. Smile :)

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures, Roman & Chase are growing up so fast! Love ya~ Krista