Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready for Spring

last weekend was super gorgeous outside. we took advantage of our long weekend (thanks jason aldean) and got a head start on spring. we haven't gotten new pine straw yet, so please ignore that ugliness and focus on the pretty.

i got this new green pot from my mom for my birthday, isn't it purty? i filled up the urn from last year with some new pretty flowers, ivy and some spiky green stuff (name?) and the little blue bird is new too (thanks mom!) instead of hanging our typical ferns from the porch, we chose some unique looking geraniums. we found out that ferns aren't really meant for full sun, so we opted for these instead.

i painted our steps black too. they were so dingy looking. the stain that we had put on them the first year we lived here was looking pretty shabby. the only thing that i don't like about the black paint is that it shows the pollen that has arrived this week! see, we did get a fern, but she is hiding from the sun.

and, i re-fashioned the wreath. it was all floppy and not really my style. so, i made these rosette flowers instead. much more my style. a close up of the pink rosettes.
are you ready for spring?

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