Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Little Heart Breaker

so, i've been on the lookout for a boy friendly valentine's tee shirt for my little man. i found nothing to my liking, so i decided to make one for him.

i bought this plain grey t-shirt at walmart ($3.50). i removed the pocket.

i cut a heart out of freezer paper on my cricut and ironed it to the t-shirt i painted the heart red. i made sure i got the edges real good, but didn't worry about the middle since i knew i was going to sew something over top of that anyway. this little heart breaker swatch of fabric was cut from another piece of clothing that i got at a thrift store for $1.20 and then i just sewed it on over top of the painted heart.

total spent $4.70

i'm hoping he'll be my valentine...cross your fingers. sporting the goggles that he wore for his shower today. he's special. real special. oh, and while i was waiting for my painted heart to dry, i decided to change up my new black flats. i really didn't like the bow, but they were cheap. so, i made a few ruffles and glued them on. much better, right?
happy valentine's day! much love.

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Anonymous said...

Love the shirt, and his goggles of course! They make the outfit!

Happy Valentines day Stacie! xoxo, Krista