Saturday, February 19, 2011

Horsin' Around

there was no way we were staying inside today. no. stinkin. way. it was so absolutely gorgeous outside. and mommom is visiting, so we went to lawton stables to see if we could get to ride a horse!

my cute little cowpoke...

all these horses were in a tizzy because... cookie got loose!

she was a small little firecracker of a horse. but, we were kinda freaked out and stood as still as statues as she ran past us. luckily, she can be persuaded with a carrot. whew... we're talkin'.

on our horse, romeo!

what a fine looking horseman, no? momma got to walk around once ...and poppa too...when we were done with the pony ride, we walked around the petting zoo for a while.

billy the goat really was a stinker. like, he really stunk. bad. i'm pretty sure this bunny isn't on a carrot diet. more like carrot cake. is there such a thing as a pretty chicken? if so, we think we found one. ba-gawk!ha may be able to get your head out of there, but you can't get me!a really sweet little boy let roman have a carrot to feed to this deer. next time we will know to bring our own stash... roman and mommom hanging out in the deer's little house save the drama for your llama mommom and roman got to feed this HUGE clydesdale!
then we took our little cowboy to get some grub and took a walk down the pier... time for a nap!

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