Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Kinda Party!

my birthday was last week. i asked my husband for a jason aldean cd. well, he not only got me the cd (which totally rocks, btw) but also got tickets for us to go see him in concert! score...

...and bonus...the concert was on thursday waiting involved. i took a half day thursday and all of friday too. yay for 3.5 day weekends. and since i didn't have president's day off like everyone else on earth...i felt like i totally deserved it! i mean, you only turn 21 once right? ;)

the janedear girls opened along with eric church. i have to say, i was really impressed with eric church. he was really good and of course, his newest song is pretty rockin' ... "drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke..."

but my favorite song that he sings is "I love your love the most"and then there was jason. we had 5th row seats and could see everything. one of the best parts was this little kid in front of us. he pretty much camped out on his dad's shoulders the whole time. at the end, the guitarist gave him his guitar pick. so cute. definitely thinking about taking roman to a concert. this was "big green tractor"

can you see the tractor tire on the screen? i tried to get a good picture of the john deere, but kept missing it
toby has taken me to quite a few concerts, mostly country ones. i have to say, i wouldn't really buy these for myself, so it is really nice when he treats me like this. we had a great time.this is a long video of the song "Don't You Wanna Stay", but it is my favorite right now...

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Krista said...

Looks like a fun time! I love concerts too but I'll admit the only time I've had 5th row seats was probably at the Blue Hen Mall Concert Hall!

XOXO- Krista