Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

so, these were the final project that i wanted to complete in his new room. i've been putting it off because i was kind of intimidated, but of all the bloggers that featured them on their blogs, nobody said they were hard. in fact, everyone raved about how easy they were to install. these are actually vinyl rain gutters, easily cut to size with a hack saw (i say easily because i didn't do that part :). i actually installed them myself ... yes, folks, that's right, i can use a level and a drill, contrary to popular belief.

as you can see, he started reading before they were even filled up with books. hopefully this continues...that was the point, after all.

thank goodness for premade corner pieces

the main benefit of these is that kids can see the front of the books (the most fun part!)
i think they are a hit! well, they are with me, anyway.
hopefully, this is it for the "big boy bedroom" posts!


Allison said...

WOW!! Can I please hire you to decorate my house whenever I own one haha. You are so talented!! I LOVE the shelves! such a cool idea.

His whole room is awesome!! You did such a great job!

Anonymous said...