Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Funday Sunday

we were up and outta here early today! we got out on the boat around 8:30 this morning. we were trying to beat the heat and get home in time for lunch and a nap. we even packed our breakfast and ate it on the boat. we cruised up the river and found a large school of dolphins just popping up everywhere. i mean, they were everywhere! it was so cool to just sit in the middle and hear them coming up for air all around us. some of them were even sticking their heads up out of the water to look at us...check us out. it was so cool. after that, we headed back the other way and went all the way up towards beaufort. it was kind of rough, but roman and i sat up front and looked all around at all the boats and birds and bridges around us. this boy loves that boat!

my captain and first mate (isn't that hair a hoot?)

we headed back home and got cleaned up and had some lunch, then after he woke up from his nap, he snacked on a soft pretzel...goofball...

click here for a cute video

while we were waiting for poppa to get done playing golf, we headed outside to get some more fresh air. it was beautiful out. not too hot and a nice breeze. i am anxiously awaiting fall.

ro took a ride down the sidewalk on his tricycle

see me momma? concentrating real hard on pedaling momma, do you always have to take my picture? okay, i'll cooperate. cheese! scooter time!
click here for a scooter video

do i have helmet hair?poppa's home! tackle time!here he is yelling "i'm the winner!"nice try poppa...maybe next time...(notice the missing shoe)oh no, sneak attack uh oh, looks like he pinned himi think poppa is the winner this time!
i'm ready for you fall...please come soon!

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