Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mady's Birthday Party

most of you (all 5 of you) know by now that mady is roman's best friend...sometimes he even calls her his girlfriend. well, we are so grateful that he has such a sweet little friend. and, they were born only 3 days apart. we actually met her parents, wil and kelly, on our tour of the hospital. we think that they were leaving the hospital when we were coming in. we realized a few weeks into roman attending daycare that mady was in his class. they have changed classrooms several times since then, but always, they are together. here are a few (and by few, i mean a gajillion) pictures of her party.

the birthday girl and her best friend in the recliner.

they couldn't wait to get in the pool sitting back, taking it all in
mady headed straight down the slide happy girl lovebirds splish splash
oh how i love this little man...pretty babies (yes, still babies...even though they are 3 and almost 3) oh how fun woo hoo! chasing his girl ...time for cake ha ha, funny face
trying real hard to blow out her candles

icing, yummmmm

licking all the icing off first then the chocolate... not super happy about her birthday hata little better... moving on to presents check out her new book! what's in this one? a vacuum!! mady seemed to have a great time at her party...i hope she's ready to party again next weekend when we have roman's party!

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Allison said...

too cute! such a blessing for roman to have such a sweet buddy!