Friday, November 11, 2016

Go Shawty, It's Sherbert Day!

can you believe this little lady is 5 today?  well, it's true!  

in honor of her 11.11.11 birthday, here are 11 pictures to show you how much fun life with her really is! 

shopping is always a blast!

she was so excited to start soccer...and even better, her uniform is pink!

girl can celebrate a goal the right way!

she loves to explore our town.

swinging is her favorite playground activity.

she loves hanging out with her friends.

i told you swinging was a favorite...

time to get serious about kicking butt!

express yourself!  excited face, sad face, silly face, happy face.
look out yellow, here she goes!

she is so beautiful!

dear gianna: you bring me so much joy.  i never thought i would have a daughter, but here you are in all your pink, glittery, dramatic glory.  and as much as you test my patience, you also melt my heart.  you give the best "pick-up" hugs, you have a shining smile and you can be the silliest little thing.  i love having a little sidekick who has her own personality and style and i always want you to know how much i adore you.  love, momma

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