Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Big Nine!

yup, i'm super late (2 months) on sharing roman (and toby's) birthday celebration.  

i made them a fun wreath for the front door to celebrate both my boys.  super easy and fun.  just those curly ribbon things that you can buy and stuck them on a pool noodle shaped into a circle.  boom!

toby isn't a big cake fan, so this year, i made him a cheesecake.  which ended up being super delicious!  we ate half of it and froze the other half.  i was so bummed when we had to throw out the frozen part after the hurricane (more to come on that later!).  but, doesn't our fridge look like we live in a frat house?  beer, leftover pizza in foil, kfc, and a cheesecake. i guess turning 38 is the same as turning 21...okay, maybe not the same, but the food part is...

time for roman's balloon surprise.  i got a balloon drop this year.  note to self:  balloon drops don't work.  but, he loves that i still do some sort of balloon surprise each year, so i'll keep trying. 

first present...

nice steph curry shirt with a nod to the bible verse Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me

gianna got him a baseball slip n slide! 

and a new baseball bag for all his baseball stuff (there's a lot of it)

money money money ...and a new wallet

time for school!

he loves his baseball shirt from nana.  she didn't believe that he would want clothes.  but, alas...she was wrong!

his dinner request...pancakes with peanut butter writing.  you can't really see it, but they are balloon shaped with Happy Birthday Roman written on them.

then time for a quick baseball slip n slide game.

and water balloons.

then he wanted to take a golf cart ride.  we went to see his girl, mady.  (he isn't quite that much taller than her...he is standing on a step.)

and down to the docks...his request.

then, it was time for his party.  he invited his friends and their siblings over and they headed up to the ballfields for a nice pickup game.

the girls headed back home to wait for the pizza

dinner time!

and the balloon fight begins!

slip n slide baseball with the boys

and time for cake!

time to sing...

and then, there may have been a dance party...

the boys settled in for a movie (the sandlot) and of course, gianna wanted to hang too. 

they all slept downstairs and in the morning went right back outside to play football (i think they like sports)

this wasn't quite a catch, but i liked the action shot!

he had tons of fun and we can't believe we have a nine year old.  

roman, you are the kindest young man i know.  you try your best at everything you do and think of others before yourself.  you are so much fun, you are quick with a joke or a hug when i need it most.  i couldn't imagine my life without you in it.  God blessed us greatly with you.  love, momma

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