Monday, September 26, 2016


one day, when we were in savannah for roman's soccer games, we went to the mall for lunch during their break, and gianna bought matching kitty cats and bracelets for herself and her friend cute!

gianna takes showers now, so that's a thing. 

take it easy, guido.  i wouldn't want you to worry about anything...

have i mentioned that this one loves cheese?  any kind of cheese.  flat cheese, stick cheese, shredded cheese, cheese dip and the latest...parmesan cheese on her meatballs and pasta!  she always spreads her noodles out so that every last one can be covered in cheese.  for some odd reason, she was picking up her noodles with her fingers.  i guess it was so she could get cheese on her fingers and then lick it off. 

guido loves cuddling with the kiddos.  he's just a little snuggle bug.  a snuggle bug with bug eyes.  :)

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