Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All - Star Party

after the all-star season ended in july, we all went our separate ways...vacationing, relaxing, missing our baseball buddies, not knowing what to do with all our free time...

alas, coach jason had some all-star fun left up his sleeve and brought us all back together for a nice night at the hampton lake pool.  i'm not sure who was more excited to hang out...the kids or the parents!?

the boys picked up right where they left off and were running around like crazy people jumping into the pool!

after a while, we all ate and then coach jason announced that he would be giving out some trophies. 

he said some really nice things about each player and presented them with these 2 foot tall beasts!

i made some cupcakes for the boys and put an action shot on top...

of course, i chose our favorite shot of roman...horns up!

he loved it.  of course, he licked the icing and then gave me the rest.  just what i wanted, a spit covered cupcake....thanks!
it was so fun to get back together one more time before school started.  i love all these boys...they are so fun!

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