Monday, January 4, 2016

The Shows Must Go On

as it always does, the Christmas season brings lots of opportunity to show off our talents.  gianna's dance school held a small holiday recital and i'm happy to report that she did much better this time around than at the last one.  there were lots of smiles and even though she hadn't been to class in almost a month, she remembered most of the moves. 

and then it was time for her school program.  again, she was much happier this year than last and was very into all the hand motions.  i really enjoyed watching her this year!


last, but certainly not least, roman's school puts on such a great show each year.  this year, 2nd grade were angels and the most exciting part was that we didn't have to make the costume!  hallelujah!
my favorite part was when he caught my eye and smiled.  it really made me all warm inside and i teared up watching him.  he was so proud of their performance and you could really tell that they worked hard on it the last few months.  

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