Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas 2015

i'm going to be honest here...i'm a sucky blogger.  i don't do it often enough.  and i have lots of excuses for why.  maybe that will change in the future, but not right now.  i'm busy, i'm tired and so i'm back to "cheater blogging".  my app doesn't work anymore and so instead of taking a million hours (maybe i'm exaggerating a tad) to load these 32 pictures individually, i loaded the collages that i put together for our family album.  it took me significantly less time.  but, all the pictures are here.  hopefully, you'll forgive me! (also, i'm pretty sure if you click on the picture, you can see a larger version)

as our usual Christmas trip goes, we started out at mimi's house in newark.  it was a decent trip up, taking us only 10.5 hours.  however, we did leave at 3:30am, so we were all a little beat.  we get to see poppop, kelli and alex, along with cousins from delaware and south carolina. 
 then, the magic of Christmas morning!  our kiddos must have been extra good this year.  they received some really wonderful gifts. 

on the afternoon of Christmas day, we head down to Nana's house and have a lot of fun with our extended family there too. 

finally, we end up at mommom and poppop's house to hang out with the Miller gang.  uncle josh, aunt colleen, uncle jay, cj, lilah and ady are so fun to hang out with and we always have a blast. 

thank you to ALL of our family who take us in (93 suitcases and all) and feed us and fill up our love tank until the next time we get to see you!  

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