Wednesday, March 4, 2015


it seems like we always have something to celebrate around here!

my birthday was a couple weeks ago, but we had a nice evening together, and that is my favorite way to celebrate.

the boys seemed to be lighting a small bonfire with all my candles...

roman shaped them into my age. can you see it? i hope not!

and then, we got to have some treats!

my chocolate boy

my vanilla girl!

and sometimes we don't even need a reason to celebrate, we just get to eat ice cream on the couch

roman had president's day off of school and had his buddies over. they went to sonic on the golf cart. lucky!

she LOVES this dress from mimi and puts it on any chance she gets!

gianna dressed up her doll in her halloween outfit and they pretended to take her trick or treating.

celebrating the last game of the season, undefeated, baby!

this group of boys are so fun!

i love walking in and seeing my kiddos like this.

we even got to celebrate our friend adeline's baptism with miss allie and mr. jason. gianna sure does love her miss allie!

celebrating learning to spit! woo hoo!

this past weekend, we traveled to sumter, sc to watch macee and her teammates play in the state championship game and guess what? they won! to add the cherry on top of that...mimi flew down just to watch the game! what a great day!

who doesn't love a popsicle in the tub?

monday was dr. suess's birthday and roman got to wear a dr. suess shirt to school. since he knows that thing 1 and 2 always come and wreak havoc, he wanted to get in on the fun and be thing 3. but, they don't really make those shirts, so we made our own! he was so proud!

and when roman asked for pancakes, of course, i had to add a dr. suess flair to them and made a couple of hats, green eggs and a thing 1 flapjack. too fun!


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