Monday, March 23, 2015

A Weekly Wrap-up

last weekend, gianna had her friend emma over to play after ballet class. surprise, surprise, they played dress up! and found some fun things in g's toybox too!

we went out to dinner...someone dressed as a cheerleader and looked super cute in her poppa's hat.

these two were snuggling on one side of the booth...

...while these two were being goofballs on the other side!

i think we have our holidays mixed up here. it was st. patrick's day and roman was allowed to wear his favorite green shirt. but, he's looking more like a bunny...silly boy!

i love this picture. he's all sweaty, her hair is a rat's nest, but it's sunny and momma had snacks in the car, so they were happy happy happy!

love this crazy silly boy of mine!
gianna and momma had a date at the movies to see cinderella. i worried that it would be over her head because it wasn't a cartoon, but she didn't do too bad (although it was a bit beyond her). i mean, when momma promises popcorn, you go, right?

a little sunday morning grocery shopping after church...

the kids were keeping themselves occupied taking pictures of themselves!!

how cute are these two?



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