Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tatelladina Weekend 2014

every year, we look forward to our weekend with the tates and the grdinas. we met in ohio because of our fur babies and each year we just have so much fun together. things have changed a bit over the years and those original fur babies that brought us together are all frolicking together in heaven, but our friendship has grown and now our kids are forever friends too!

on the road!

once we got there, the kids settled in very quickly. the tates have a new playroom and it was awsome to just put the kids in there and have adult conversations without having to scream above their playing.

the big kids had a good time dressing up yoshi

he looks super thrilled, right?

the next morning, we all headed out on the boat for a fun filled day on the water. the colella boys threw the football around.


while the colella girls stayed on the boat and had a snack

and gianna even shared her juice with ro

the kids reluctantly got out of the water so we could feed them, so while they waited for their hot dogs, we took a quick picture

we got our obligatory "kids on the bow" shot

top = 2013

bottom = 2014

and then, the big boys tried their hand at water skiing. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures of that. i promise you, they would have been funny! but, my phone was under my seat and my daughter was sleeping in my arms, so i wasn't about to disturb her slumber.

then we headed home for family style dinner with the kids around the table and the adults around the island.


stacey and autumn did not want their picture taken and toby is just caught off guard, i think.

outside, the kids had fun with pop-its around the fire

and stacey whipped up some delicious raspberry lemonade for us girls!

the next morning, the kids played a little while longer on the playground out back.

and then it was time for the kids yearly picture together

compared to last year...

and the colella kiddos asked me to take a silly face pic...

and then we were on our way!

we had a great time, as always!

thank you jay and stacey tate for hosting us each year and treating us like family!

thank you john and autumn grdina for traveling so far to keep this wonderful friendship going!

i'm already looking forward to TATELLADINA weekend 2015!!


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