Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Country Time (with Mommom, GG and Nana)

after our time at the beach, we headed to delaware to hang out with mommom for a few days. the first evening we were there, cj came over to see us and the boys started a little game of football.

and the girls were practicing their wiffle ball skills

aunt colleen, uncle josh, lilah and adalyn were on their way over to stay with us too, but before they got there, gianna was helping mommom take the grapes of the stems. she was a good little helper. she is in a really helpful phase right now, always asking..."can i help you?"

finally! lilah arrived and we had lots of fun playing outside and blowing bubbles! i love that grin!

these girls are so cute together. i am enjoying watching them grow up together.



looks like someone found the dress-up shoes...

when the kids went down for nap, the adults (minus mommom) went to the mall and we took this cutie with us. look at those eyes. i think i could drown in them.

she even got to sport gianna's sunglasses for a little bit. she's a cool cat...

poppop wayne brought the 4-wheeler over for the kids (who am i kidding? it was for toby) to ride on. gianna hates loud noises, so of course, she was covering her ears the whole time.

and the boys started a game of 4-wheeler football...



3 cuties in a row!

the girls got some pretty sweet squirt guns from mommom

this was a "make your silly face" picture.


mom even got her mower out and there was an impromptu redneck race...

on friday, we all headed over to gg's house for a visit and some lunch. i always loved going over there as a kid, and even as an adult, would stop in on my way to or from shopping in Dover. roman has only been there as a baby and gianna has never been there. so, i wanted them to see for themselves where she lived.


i always enjoyed eating a homemade lunch at the kitchen island and gg did not disappoint. we had ham, lima beans, scalloped potatoes and much more. she even had brownies for dessert!



many little cutie butts have sat in these kitchen barstools over the years and now my kids have too!

another thing that my kids don't know anything about is a yellow schoolbus. roman's school only has a short white bus for field trips, so it was a treat to see one in real life and be able to get on it and pretend he was the driver.

if only he had a booster seat and some pedal extenders, i think he could handle it. he loved opening and closing the door.

these beauties head to the back to share a seat. i can only imagine if we all lived in the same county, if they rode the bus together. i think i would die from the cuteness.

of course, there's the trusty driver!

gg has a playground next door, so we went over there and played a bit too.

and roman found a baseball in the outfield.

gg and her youngest great-grandchild

we got a couple more to sit still for a picture, but lilah was coming up on naptime and was not having it. maybe next time!

after we were finished visiting with gg, we headed over to nana's house. while my kids have been there every year for Christmas, they haven't been there in the summer to experience the pool and pond like i used to as a kid.

i can't even tell you how happy this picture makes me. my poppop built this pond for his family to enjoy and to see his great-grandson standing on the dock with a fishing pole in his hands (actually catching a fish!!) would probably warm his heart. it certainly did mine.

look momma, i caught a fish!!

time to send it back to it's home...

krista came over to see us too. what a treat! of course, ady was using her as a pillow, so i'm not even sure that she got to eat any dinner!

on saturday morning, we all headed back home, but not before we got a picture on the swing with mommom. i think the only way she could have been happier is if her first grandchild was in the picture too.

we had a wonderful time, playing outside, being with cousins and just being around each other. so many good times and many more to come!



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