Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Plethera of Pictures

what a hodge podge of pictures...sorry! but, there's no denying that i've got some pretty cute kids, huh? this is what i am able to post after a tough weekend.  gianna was sick on thursday morning and i kept her home from daycare that day, but she was better and able to go to daycare on friday.  but, saturday morning, we went to taekwondo and then it was all downhill from there.  toby started to feel bad and so did i.  it was not a pretty sight.  but our kids were SO good and we made it through.  i don't think that has ever happened where both of us were sick at the same time before, let alone with 2 kids to take care of.  thank God for well behaved children!

gianna is really enjoying her mornings in the johnny jump-up
sometimes i catch her sleeping with her feet up in the air like this
she is really starting to sit up good on her own
but if she rolls onto her belly, don't leave her like that for long or this happens
after 2 hours of preparing to go to the pool, we spent about 45 minutes there last weekend
roman loves the water
gianna just chilled out
he was dipping his ice cream sandwich in sprinkles...what?
he packed his taekwondo bag and carried it out to the car himself
here was the sick little girl, sitting up in bed, watching mickey mouse
practicing self defense moves
this is roman sparring against anthony.  anthony is older than roman, but a little bit smaller.
roman also sparred with one of the instructors, miss angelino for testing.  as you can see, he has no fear.

miss thing was happy to watch

after much thought, we have decided to add a new member to our family.  here he is.  his name is guido and we will be able to bring him home around july 4th.  he is a french bulldog (so ugly they're cute), they are known to be extremely lazy clowns.  our kind of dog!  
roman drew me a rainbow butterfly at daycare and wanted me to take it to work to show everybody, so there it is on my bulletin board.
crazy boys...wearing their eagles jerseys and duke basketball shorts
my cute kiddos, hanging out in their pjs all day, watching some tv
we celebrated father's day today since we will be up in de for gianna's christening next week on the real father's day.  here's a video we made for poppa.  

the kids made an apple tree picture for poppa, we got a new school picture with both of them, and roman picked out a cooler for poppa's beer (haha).  also, we got him a gift certificate for the car wash so he can take his new truck to get pampered.

now, the rest of this week will be packing and getting ready for our trip up north to see our family! excited!

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