Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baptism Bonanza

so, we thought we were over the sickness that had swept through the whole family.  except for roman.  so, when he didn't get sick by the time wednesday rolled around, i thought we were home free.  so, when i got a call at 4pm on friday that roman was throwing up at school, i thought i might get sick again.  the thought of driving with a sick kid nearly made me want to cancel the trip.  luckily, he was fine once we got him home and slept great.  we woke up early and he was totally fine for the whole ride.  gianna too.  the drive up was a success!  i have the greatest little travelers.  and, i didn't drive one single mile the whole trip.  toby drove the whole way there, the whole way back and every mile in between!  

so, we got there and headed straight to poppop's house for alex's birthday and 8th grade graduation party.  gianna was starting to get fussy, but i thought she was hungry and tired, so we headed to toby's moms house for the night.  the next day was sunday, the day of the baptism.  gianna woke up even fussier than the night before.  she wanted no one but momma.  which made it really hard to even just get a shower.  but a quick bottle and nap just before the baptism helped her to keep her cool until the festivities were over.  toby's mom hosted a really great lunch after the baptism, but gianna was getting increasingly un-gianna-like.  we decided to take her to AI Dupont to have her checked out after she popped a 102 fever.  turns out she had an ear infection.  p.s.  AI Dupont rocks!  for real.  they were awesome.  after we drove away, toby said he wanted to go back and give all of them a hug.  after we got baby girl on some meds, she started to feel better.  it took a few days to get her fever under control, but after that she was back to her normal happy self.  

we headed down to my mom's and laid low during the heatwave.  got some rest and met lilah grace!  ate a lot.  i mean a lot.  we headed home on saturday and stayed in a hotel in rocky mount for the night.  actually slept in a little on sunday and then got on the road again.  we stopped in florence to see our newest family member, guido.  we'll be going back next weekend to pick him up for good.  he was super cute and of course, the fattest of all his brothers and sisters.  

i really hated to leave our family and come back to reality, but i am enjoying getting back into a routine and having the kids back in their own beds!  already looking forward to our next visit with family. 

it was kinda chilly out the first couple nights we were in de, roman cuddled up with mimi outside 
and the hot tub felt nice!

roman was running around the trampoline while holding his shorts...his happy dance

the baptism crew.  maddy=godmother, josh=godpappy (ha ha), deacon charlie

crazy girl

she never cried, even with the water on her head

i would never have put this picture up because it is an awful one of me, but it captures roman's true colors

getting the oil put on her chest

macee and alex

grandpa and grandma

hot tub and ring pops.  living the good life.

cuddling with mimi makes her feel better

early morning on the swing

grandpa is feisty as ever!
i give up grandpa...you win!

gianna's getting a little squirmy to be sitting with grandpa
rainbow ice cream at the mall
hanging with poppop at the gym
funny faces in the back of the truck


spidey, kinley, mommom and g

scootin' around on mommom's floor

making chocolate banana milkshakes

we gave her a green pepper to chew on

despite this face, she really liked it.  i'm hopeful that she will be a better veggie eater than her brother

meeting lilah grace

all of mommom's grandkiddos
who?  me?
the girls.  gianna in her eagles shirt, lilah in her ravens shirt. (lilah is saying "go ravens!")
...and then she passed out
uncle josh, g, and aunt colleen
gianna actually wanted to go to cj.  she hung out with him at breakfast
our little limber gymnast practicing on the way home
meeting guido
he's so little!
they're gonna be best buds

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coach22ball said...

I know this is mostly for the kids to see as they get older, but I really appreciate this blog....or whatever you call it. :>)
Pop Pop C