Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Weekend

i got a new phone on friday, so i am trying out the camera and videocamera on it to see if they are easy to use and easy to upload. sometimes, it is much easier to just bring my phone with me if we are going somewhere or even if we are just at home. typically, i always have it with me, even in the house, so i am excited to be able to use it instead of the big camera. i will still use that one because it really is nice, but for everyday pics, i will probably use my phone. all these pics and the two videos are from my new phone.

roman is so funny at taekwondo. on saturdays, he takes 3 classes. tiny tigers, sparring and weapons. here he is in the sparring class. he spars with beckett because they are closest in size. i find it quite amusing. i didn't think to take a video of when it was beckett's turn to beat up on roman, but believe me, roman did great. he stood there, chin down, hands up and didn't back down. that's my boy. one other funny thing too...they were listening to the instructor and roman looked at me and had his mouthpiece hanging out of his teeth. all of a sudden, he got up and came over to me and just stood there. i needed to stick my fingers inside his face mask and put it back in his mouth. there was no way he could do it with all his gear on. too funny.

this picture was taken using instagram which is an app i downloaded for my phone. you can make the picture look really old and grainy (one of the options is even called 1977...the year i was born), which i think is kinda cool. just think, all the pictures of me at this age looked like this, but they didn't have a choice back then! ha ha

she was fighting her nap yesterday and finally caved in to the sandman. so sweet.

her nana got her this dress and she got so many compliments on it at church today. (doesn't this pic look like she is relaxing in a pool float?)

my kids. very cute, if i do say so myself.

my boys, very proud of their tower of creamers at ihop after church today.

also, gianna got her first taste of rice cereal today. and when i say taste, i mean a taste. that's probably all she got. i'm not sure much of it made it to her stomach. she made some faces, but i don't think she cared either way for it. i'm not sure she is ready for solids yet. she really didn't know quite how to eat it. maybe we need to practice a little more.

i can't believe our weekend is over already. i'm looking forward to our next one already!

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Krista said...

Poor girl looks like she is being tortured!

I love the video of Roman, seems like he's grown up so much just since Christmas!