Sunday, March 11, 2012

4 months

oh man, is time really flying by...i feel like i just did gianna's 3 month post and here we are at 4 months! here are some things little miss punkin face has going on:

- she weighs 13lbs, 2oz. she is 24.5 inches long. both of these stats fall between the 30-40th percentile for her age.

- she has discovered her hands. her hands always seem to be in her mouth. since roman got his first tooth at 4 months, i'm wondering if this will be something she does too.

- she loves to grab her toes. she's a flexible little lady.

-she is still a wonderful sleeper. most of the time, she'll sleep from 8-10 hours. in a row. that's the important part. :)

-she doesn't really like to be laying down if things are going on around her. she has really strong stomach muscles (she must be doing ab work when i'm not around) and will grab onto whatever she can to pull herself up. she has just started being able to sit in the bumbo for extended periods of time.

-she's very social. she doesn't like to be left alone. if i walk out of the room, she let's me know that she wants me to come back.

- she will laugh or smile if you make the motorboat noise for her. and she will try to imitate it right back to you.

- the only time she really cries is when she is super tired. can you blame her? that's kinda what i want to do when i'm tired too.

- she loves to get a bath. she gets all smiley when i pour the water over her belly.

here's a few pictures from today. yes, i bought her these floppy hats. and i made her wear them for her 4 month photo shoot. she might hate me someday, but i have a daughter and dangit, i'm going to take advantage of it while i can!!!

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Autumn said...

Reminds me of my days with baby Arianne. She was always so happy - which is why we ended up with JJ... and I think you know what happened from there. But those little girls - they melt your heart!!! She is just precious Stacie! I cannot wait to KISS THOSE CHEEKS!