Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Hi-Jinx


man, this week just drug on and on for me! i was so happy to head home tonight after work. and to make the night even better, we had aj, holly and chase over. so, to feed us all, we got the monster pizza...i mean, really. it. was. a. monster.

look how stinkin big it is!

and the boys played well together. for a few minutes they were quiet and then all of a sudden started yelling for us to come see...

and this is what we found!

these goofballs were locking themselves on the stairs! little colellas in toddler jail...hee hee
p.s. i know all my furniture is in the kitchen. we had our carpets cleaned, so all our extra stuff was hanging out in the kitchen for the night. it made for lots of room to run and play in the living room and play room, but also a nice obstacle course in the kitchen.

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Krista said...

I noticed the furniture in the kitchen and just figured you had done some interesting redecorating!

The tiniest Colella's are growing up so fast! Can't wait to see all of you next month!