Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Festivities

it took me a while to get my Easter mojo going. i had the decoration tub in the house for a few weeks before i finally got them up. ugh....lazy. well, eventually, i got myself in gear and we did some celebrating!

we decorated Easter eggs yesterday...

they had a pirate theme....arrrgh!

all done!

the Easter bunny was good to Roman and brought him a basket of candy and a basket of toys. he even got a new train, James!

hunting for eggs
the EB even hid some on the boat!

whoa...wait a minute...
it seems like this little guy wanted this egg for himself! (we let him have it)
checking out all the loot!

the kids had some fun over at aunt hettie's house...
i think the helmet says it all!
this is what happened when i finally opened the Easter tub. he found the rabbit ears...

Happy Easter to all of you! We love you!

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