Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why Not?

the bluffton Christmas parade was today. i didn't know until yesterday. i like last minute plans. since it ends in our neighborhood, we figured why not? load up the wagon and walk a little. we were lucky enough to run into roman's best friend mady and her parents. so we camped out together. roman really enjoyed it and sat on the curb attentively most of the time. most of the floats were kind of lame, but i guess it's pretty exciting to a three year old when someone just throws candy at you from a slow moving car decorated with tinsel. we even saw an undecorated car with the driver wearing a showercap. we weren't sure she was supposed to be in the parade, but she was throwing candy. we didn't take that candy.


matching pretzels

taking a break for some "see" food
getting his groove on...
look! it's santa!
look at all the candy they got!

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