Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa, I've Been Good

Christmas #4.

the first one was easy. he was 3 months old. we just put him on santa's lap and took the picture. no problem.

the second one was not so easy. he wouldn't go near santa. we got a picture of poppa holding him near santa, but he was still freaked out to be so close.

last year, i think we took him to the mall and might have waved to santa from about 100 feet away.

this year, santa was a hit! he wanted very badly to tell santa what he wants for Christmas and he is very into the holiday season. he was quite nervous on the ride there and even when it was our turn, i thought he might back out, but he pulled it off!

checking out the beard to make sure it was the real thing

not so sure of this guy

okay, guess i better tell him what i want...
hey, santa ain't so scary after all
okay, this is getting a little scary
feeling a little more relaxed with old St. Nick...
with our santa visit out of the way, he can relax and have some ice cream. yum.

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