Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Space "Shubble", Waterslides, Horses & Swords!

our first real "family" vacation. we went to florida with roman this weekend. we didn't go to visit anyone...nobody else came along. just us. it was kinda cool. we had a really great time and roman did too. check out our million pictures below....

it was super crowded where we were set up to watch the shuttle launch
see the dude behind the white truck...he fell in the lagoon up to his chest!
lots more people were out on these docks! i probably would have worn a life jacket in case it collapsed....or just not gone at all cuz i'm claustrophobic like that.
kennedy space center
the boy getting a bird's eye view...
***note, no pictures of the actual launch because we took a video instead***
if i can figure out how to get pics from the video, i'll post one later

on to Aquatica. Sea World has a waterpark, it was definitely tame, but that was what we were looking for so that little man could actually have fun.
this was a tank with commerson dolphins in it that a waterslide actually goes through. toby went down the slide. ro & i watched.
he wouldn't take his eyes off the dolphins, but he did say cheese!
he loved watching them

heading out into the pool with poppa
having a snack, poolside
you don't think he was having fun, do ya?
well, maybe just a little
i think toby had more fun on this one...

ahhh, refreshing!
kisses for poppa

now down a slide all by himself...he was so brave!
slipping a little, but that's what makes you go fast...
then, after a nap, we went to medieval times. don't you love our crowns?
take that, you evil knight!
lord roman with his sword
lasering some random knight with his sword
lords toby and roman
okay, so do you think he liked the sword?
this is the official sword foot forward
last one of the sword, i promise
our red knight vs. the evil green knight
all the horses and knights coming out
he was mesmerized
our red knight won his battle
oooh, the nice people at the hotel left us some special treats
yook, momma, a special treat!
so sad to leave. he had this face on until we told him we would stop and get him a "kid's meal"...aka hash browns from McDs!!!!

what a great time and many wonderful memories made.


allie1126 said...

yay for family vacations!! awesome pictures!! so glad you guys had such a good time!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a blast Stace! I'm sure it was great to have a family trip where you weren't rushing around to see everyone... speaking of which, see ya in a week?
xoxo Krista