Monday, May 24, 2010

A Math Problem

here's the math...

6 years ago

+ 2 weddings

+ 5 houses bought

+ 4 kids

+ 2 states

= 1 great get together

we met the grdinas and the tates almost immediately after moving to ohio. they both lived directly behind our townhouse. we have all since purchased our own homes, had kids and the tates moved to NC about when we moved to SC. the grdinas have remained in ohio and it has been a struggle to try to get together as frequently as we would like. in fact, we haven't all been together since stacey and autumn were pregnant with the girls and they are about 18 months old now. too long! well, this weekend the stars aligned and we met at the tate's in NC. although the ladies and the kiddies didn't leave the neighborhood (we didn't have a vehicle large enough for 4 carseats and the 3 of us...ha ha), we had a blast just catching up. plus, the kids got along great and had a wonderful time playing with the toy store that is the tate living room.

mr. handsome

arianne, little miss personality sweetie pie, ashleigh grace
yoshi doesn't mind a little lovin'
snuggle time
what?!? how does my kid know how to do this?

what a little romeo! (sorry john & autumn) an annual tradition...the "go jimmie go" ice cream cake the divas, ready for their wagon ride
color timedo you think he was happy about his coloring book that miss stacey gave him?
a shot of all the kiddos before heading to the playground

jj grdina, roman colella, arianne grdina, ashleigh tate

so chill we made it to the playground big kids about to head down the slide
i'm ready momma
jj's 5 minute catnap
climbing in... there's room for two on here
ashleigh's the queen bee isn't she beeutiful?
buzz buzz
time to clean up...wait...what is this fun stuff?
lounging in their jammies tates...thanks for hosting all of us

grdinas...thanks for driving all that way

let's not wait as long next time, huh?

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