Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow, What a Weekend

seriously, i feel exhausted from my weekend. but man, did we have fun! friday night was girls night at jessica's. fiesta fresh and crafting. the girl time was definitely necessary and i loved hanging with jess and allison while getting some crafts completed. more on those later. rylee wasn't looking forward to a soccer weekend in columbia, so we invited her to hang with us for a few days. so much fun...roman seriously loves his cousins! on saturday, we went to island playground.

are they cute or what?

we were there for an hour and a half...what a workout for me! ready for the parade!
roman saw lots of cool things in the horses, boats, motorcycles and dogs. he had a wonderful time at his first parade. hala was there too, clapping the whole time.
is tomorrow monday already? dang...this went by too fast!

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