Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fresh Air

it seems like almost everyone had a little taste of spring this weekend. we took advantage of the nice weather and headed outdoors on both days. ro and i did a little shopping on saturday and then headed home for a nap. toby was able to start work on the lawn, getting it ready for spring and summer. today, ro helped his poppa outside for a while so i could get some cleaning done and then we all hung out for a while before the sun went down. we even sat on the step barefoot this afternoon. it seemed warmer outside in the sun than inside. i love that. open windows, fresh air.

enjoying some fruit snacks outside

they kinda stick to your teeth this is his new smile he scrunches up his eyes and nose and shows all his teeth. so cute!going for a scoot

yup, he's wearing socks with his crocs. blame the momma. it was still a little chilly.
all the way around the block, whew! time for a break... my handsome little man

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