Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 District 8 Champs

baseball is an on-going thing down here!  we just never stop, it seems.  our all-star team, the bluffton american all-stars, headed into the district tournament on hilton head with a bye in the first round, so we headed out to support our other bluffton team, bluffton national, on friday night.  

then, on saturday, it was our turn to play and we actually got matched up with bluffton national!

that's my #8, right there😘

one of our coaches was extremely generous and purchased matching boombah bat bags for the boys, with their names and numbers embroidered on them too!

roman was on fire that night, even hitting this bomb that hit the fence!

we squeezed out a win against national, but only by one run! it ended with a 5-4 score. they are an extremely talented group of boys and by far, our best competition at the tournament.  who knew bluffton had SO many talented ball players?

after our game, some of our players stuck around for the late game to check out their upcoming competition.

the next night, we were up again and the boys beat colleton, 10-5

roman has added to his celebration ritual...check it out at the end.

in the game against hilton head, he hit another bomb that almost hit the fence.  you can hear poppa in the background yelling, 'get out'!!

this was one of my favorites...his horns up celebration with a special shout out to momma😊

they beat hilton head 14-0 in the semi-finals and we only had one more game to play to win it all!

he's ready for this!

they did it!  we met colleton again in the championship game and took the trophy with a score of 13-3. 

dogpile in the outfield!

yes, this is what i look like most of the time before and after our games. carrying my purse, a bucket or two, two chairs and pulling our speaker.  you can see gianna in the background too, pulling roman's bat bag.  thank goodness some of this stuff is on wheels.   my friend, casey, took my picture and sent it to me later.  so funny to actually see myself😂

after their victory, we went out and celebrated with the boys at mellow mushroom. 

now, it's almost time to head to hartsville, sc for the state tournament.  i pray that these boys stay safe and have fun.  they are making memories to last a lifetime.