Friday, January 13, 2017

Christmas Fun

well, i blinked and Christmas came and went!  
we headed north again to see our family and had a wonderful time with everyone.  

we love going to poppop steve, kelli, and aunt alex's house.  and this year was so fun for gianna because they have a new doggie for her to smother love on.  no pics with ollie though, because he was hiding from her.  😄

wow...what is in this long box?  (it was a bat)

who's excited that santa visited mimi's house?

all the "kids" are ready to rip into these presents. 

santa brought gianna these fun pink glasses.

and roman got a bat that tommy joseph actually used in a real game!

look who else got a bat...

mimi and popo got some bluffton decor

well, hello gorgeous!

hard to see, but rylee got a clemson elf. i like to think it was good luck, since they just won the national championship.  

whoa, wait a minute...a hatchimal?

a personalized glove

it hatched!

down to nana's house we go...ady loves her baby dolls!

lilah got a camera!


this is what gianna thought about the white elephant gift she chose.  😂

ady loved this moose in nana's bathroom.

now on to mommom's house!

we told cj this gift was from all of us.  he opened this PS4 box.  i think he was pretty stoked.

and then he realized we had just put the candle he left at nana's house in it.  not sure he liked it so much then.  we are so mean. 

these girls are so cute!

uncle josh made this for roman

these faces...

that's much better!

decked out in all his catcher's gear

pretty cowgirl

at the mall, going to the movies to see SING

we got to see uncle josh and aunt colleen's new house.  our kids were so impressed that they had a basement filled with kid stuff.  it's a whooooollllleeeee new woooooorrrrrlllllldddd!

who got the money out?  i did!

the girls always play so nicely together.  even if they make ady sit in the shopping cart. 

lilah makes a great cowgirl, and her puppy looks miserable...but she was having so much fun.  i promise. 

we had a great's always so fun to see our family!

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