Saturday, February 13, 2016


i know, i guys got over a foot of snow.  but, listen.  we had to wear socks and closed toe shoes.  the struggle was real, people.  i joke, i kid....

while our friends and family up north were getting slammed with the white stuff, we got a lot of rain and it dropped into the thirties down here in sunny south carolina.  we knew that there was a very small chance of snow and when we stepped outside after viewing a large warehouse of marble and granite slabs, there it was.  if you look closely in the picture below, you will see a small white streak in the bottom right hand corner.  that, my friends, was about the extent of what we got that day.  

i guess it's a good thing that we didn't really get anything...our kids don't own snow pants or sleds.  they don't even sell that kind of stuff down here.  

i know you guys are happy to hear that we survived and are safe...;)

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