Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BFF Birthday Buddies

gianna and her bff, emma have birthdays 1 day apart!  and emma didn't have a big birthday party this year (she had one last year), so she invited gianna to go on a birthday date to chickfila and to get a mani/pedi with her!  so cute.  (also cute:  gianna had NO idea what a mani/pedi was...she thought it was something you buy at the store...haha)

these two are a trip!

when emma's mom and i were in line ordering, we looked over and couldn't see the girls.  then, all of a sudden, their little heads popped up like this.  they were hiding.  so funny!

and of course, silliness!

a little play time in the playground

and WAY up high in the cow car!

the girls ordering their own ice cream!  i mean, they are 4 now!

aggressive ice cream face?

then it was on to the mani/pedis.  emma was nervous, so gianna went first.
and then stood by her bff when she was getting her toes done.

time to dry those nails!

we had so much fun on our bff birthday date!

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