Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

the weather may be warm, but we are still getting in the Christmas spirit around here! when mommom was here, she bought all the supplies for roman to make his own advent calendar. she made one for him last year and sent it down and he had so much fun with it, so we are doing it again this year.

but first, a pose with the boys...

i cut out numbers on my cricut and had them all ready to be glued onto the bags
roman kept saying how he was so excited to be doing this "project". i guess they learn all those fancy words at school!

after he went to bed, i filled them with goodies and hung them up

for kids this may seem like forever, but when i see them all hung up, i get a little anxious...the 25th is only 20 days away!

saturday was a pretty busy day...first up was the Christmas parade. roman was in it this year with his taekwondo class, so gianna and i got up early to drop them off at the beginning of the parade and then went home to get ready to walk down and watch. it was chilly in the morning, so i got my little sugarplum all bundled up...
...then, when we got there, it was really warm. so, slowly, she came out of her fuzzywear...and as you can see, slept through the whole parade.

a lot of colellas were's mikey and gage

i don't know this kid, but i thought it was pretty funny that he was all slumped over asleep with his santa hat covering his face...all while in the parade.

we were all lined up on the's rylee, chase, britton, christina and gage

...and santa!

reese was in the parade too...see her in the blue shirt?

...and finally...there was ro! poor thing had been walking/running for almost 2 miles already!

after a much needed nap for all of us, we got busy decorating. don't you love a tree with all the ornaments at the bottom?

yeah, he's a little nuts about Christmas, just like his momma and mommom!

...and just as an added bonus, Click here for a short video of roman singing his new favorite song...

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