Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating our Independence

uncle josh (aka uncle donald duck) and aunt colleen are visiting this week! we've been having so much fun with them. we went to the movies, did some shopping, a little eating, etc....

monday night we all headed out to skull creek to see some fireworks.

aren't these boys handsome?

and aunt colleen always make the picture better by being in it! well, hello there... that's my cutie piemy sweet boys all decked out in his glow gear silly girl!waiting patiently for the fireworks to start ooooooohhhhh....ahhhhhhhh..... they were really pretty and we all had a good time.

on tuesday night, we decided to make some s'mores.

roman wanted to do it himself, so i, being the ever-so-cautious parent, put the ove glove on my kid and let him go at it. you would think the super hero cape would give him super heat resistant powers, but this was as close as the marshmallow got to the fire. not quite close enough to melt. that's okay...momma to the rescue...they were yummy no matter who melted the "smarshmallow" uncle donald duck and aunt colleen even got to share in the yummy gooey goodnessanyone who knows josh knows that this is his typical "goofy picture face"

don't let him fool you. it was good. he scarfed it down. and then...still in my ever-so-cautious parent mode, i gave roman sparklers to play with, but not before the ove glove was on the hand! note to self: sparklers are not quite as cool when it is still light out.

second note to self: bedtime at a decent hour was much more important.

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